Parcha Parchabwn3

Kurd Max HD – Dramai Parcha Parchabwn3 66 Sorani Kurdi Sorani Kanali KurdMax HD TV 2015 – 2016.
La kanali Star TV turki bo yakam jar la December 1, 2014 paxshkrawa u hata estash bardawama.
Dramaiaki Komalaiatya.

The lives of two people from different backgrounds irntersect with an accident. Gülseren (Nurgül Yeşilçay) is a young and beautiful girl living in poor neighborhood of Istanbul is hit by a car and brought to a hospital to give a birth. Meanwhile, Dilara (Ebru Özkan) who belong to a rich family gives a birth to her own baby at the same hospital. The babies are given to wrong parents: the baby girl of Gülseren is given to Dilara and the baby girl of Dilara is given to Gülseren. 15 years later, we see that Gülseren lives with her daughter Hazal. She has been trying to do her best to look for her daughter after her husband has left her. She works at a small store as a saleswoman. Meanwhile, we see that Dilara lives with her daughter Cansu. She has a rich life but has some problems with her husband Cihan (Erkan Petekkaya).

KurdMax on NILESAT Frequency: 10,757 | POL Vertical | S/R 27,500 | FEC 5/6
KurdMax HD on NILESAT Frequency: 12,728 | POL Vertical | S/R 27,500 | FEC 5/6
KurdMax on YAHSAT Frequency: 12,015 | POL Horizontal | S/R 27,500 | FEC 5/6
KurdMax Pepule on NILESAT Frequency: 12,728 | POL Vertical | S/R 27,500 | FEC 5/6

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